What are Tickets?

Tickets are in-app items that allow you to rent out episodes for free. Tickets cannot be purchased and are distributed via events.

How to acquire tickets
Tickets cannot be purchased. You can receive tickets via various events on pocket comics. Distributed tickets can be found on the "gift" tab of the "inbox" menu.

How to use tickets
Tickets can be used for any episodes that can be rented. However, if the gauge bar is full, you cannot use the ticket. In other words, you can use the ticket after consuming the gauge bar first. To read more about the "gauge bar," please refer to the following article: What is Next Free Episode

Your Ticket Inventory
Click on the "Account" icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. The following page will display the number of coins and tickets you currently have. The number of tickets you have will also be displayed on the option menu when you click a episode.