You can download POCKET COMICS for free. Aside from a selection of paid comics and episodes, you can enjoy the majority comics that are updated on a weekly basis for free. A single web comic is usually comprised of free episodes, rental episodes (episodes that are free to read for a limited time), and paid episodes that can be accessed after purchase. There may be a few web comics that do not provide rental episodes.

Free episodes can be read anytime and can be read multiple times. Rental episodes can be accessed for reading once the rental conditions are met. Once a episode has been rented out, you can access the episode and read it multiple times for a fixed duration (the rental period). For specific conditions that must be met to access rental episodes, please refer to the following article: What is Next Free Episode

Rental episodes can also be purchased with coins. After purchase, you gain unfettered access to the episodes you've purchased. For further information regarding purchasing episodes with coins, please refer to the following article: Unlock episode with coins