Coins Types

Coin types

Coins are in-app currencies that you can use to purchase episodes. Certain coins however, have limited use.

Purchased Coins
Based on our user-service agreement, coins purchased in the app can stored for future use and can be used any time.

Free Coins
Free coins are distributed through various events on pocket comics. On most cases, free coins will have an expiration date. Coins not used before expiration will disappear. For coin history regarding free coins, please refer to the following article: How can I check my coin usage history?

Coin Inventory
Click on the "Account" button on the bottom-right corner of the home screen. The number of coins your currently have will be displayed. Below you coin count, the number of purchased coins and free coins will be displayed separately. If the expiration date for your free coins is near, a message displaying the time left before expiration will be displayed.